Friday, November 26, 2010

New Nicknames for Australian Money

We are kinda bored with the characters on the current Australian Currency, so we have come up with an idea to put a more modern day characters on the notes.  Pictures will follow but for now here are the characters and the currency nicknames.
Oh and while we were at it we decided to bring back the $1 and $2 notes.
Here are the suggestions:
$1 Named after Ben Cousins - Note Nickname: Cuz.
$2 Named after Mark Ried - Note Nickname: Chopper.
$5 Named after Shane Warne - Note Nickname: Warnie.
$10 Named after Paul Vaughton - Note Nickname: Fatty.
$20 Named after Russell Crowe - Note Nickname: Rusty.
$50 Named after Tony Lockett - Note Nickname: Plugger.
$100 Named after Donald Bradman - Note Nickname: Bradman.
Your thoughts???

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