Thursday, March 06, 2008

New Jersey Pride

The spray on tan that some of these guys have is freaking priceless. Plus the hair is pretty sweet too (I'd sooner be caught rockin' a mullet).
The guy in front is a loser because he doesn't have his collar popped.
What the hell is with the 'Blue Steel?' Is everyone in Jersey Derek Zoolander.
Steroids are awesome (superman belts are too!)
This guy is probably thinking, I wish I was a little bit steroid-ier.
Goose makes me look so cool.
It's the angry guy from before, and he's joined by Sly Stallone's creepy pysco cousin. How funny would it be if all these guys were 25? In Jersey, anything's possible.
I wish those were reverse lights.
I can't tell, is this the same guy?
Check me out, I just bought some sweet new jump suits, and I'm super psyched to try out this new hair gel.
Please note the guy on the right. He's a little too pale. Maybe his oompa-loompa friend could help him out.
Now doesn't he look so much better in this picture?
I mean if the objective was to grab your attention, mission accomplished. Tell me your eyes didn't go straight to pink jacket.
'Wait, so how many layers of this stuff are we supposed to put on?'
I think these guys could really use a couple cans of tan.

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OMG, priceless