Monday, February 11, 2008

You grew up in Eastern Suburbs if

This is for Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Australia!

You take your boyfriend/girlfriend to Sky High for more then 'just the view'.
You are wrapped that zone 3 has been removed.
Every time you drive down Springvale rd passing Nunawading station the train happens to be crossing.
You know the whereabouts of Ramsay Street.
You stuffed up in year 12 and ended up in Swinburne Uni Lilydale.
You stuffed up even worse in year 12 and ended up in Holmesglen Tafe.
When you grow up.. you want to live in 'inner city East'.
You dress better then your friends (from the west) i.e. they still wear flares.
Anything on the other side of the westgate bridge is a hike.
You or someone you know has chucked up on the sth Eastern or Eastern freeway on the way home from clubbing.
You were not surprised by the riots at Noble Park Maccas.
Springvale Rd is no more then 10 minutes from your house.
You exit at Toorak Rd and NEVER use etag.
You are paranoid and wind up your windows and lock your doors once you get into the slums (westside).
You go to Burwood Kmart at 1am coz your bored or coz you can.
You've played ball at Dandenong/Kilsyth basketball stadium for your school/friends/local team.
You know what Wobbies World is.
Before you got your own DVD burner.. you bought all your movies/games from the ethnic blokes at Caribbean Market.
Being stuck in ridiculous peek hour traffic doesn't phase you.
You go to Eastland shopping centre as an absolute last resort.
You went to underage 'dance parties' at Jooce, Stylus, East 93, Moorabin town hall, Dandenong town hall, Clayton town hall.
You're glad Ozone was built on top of the 'old bus stop'.. this nearly wiped out the 'Bus stop gangsters'.
You've had a bbq/birthday/drink up at Jells/Burden park.
You have been to Caribbean Rollerama.. to roller blade of course (roller skates are for dweebs).
You catch the Lillydale/Cranbourne line and seem to travel back in time.
You just wana slap the emos around at Ringwood Station.
You go for coffee with friends at Shine (Upstairs) at Glenny even though it's as noisy as hell and there's no chance of understanding what the person sitting next to you is saying.
You then go for coffee at Airstream and its just as loud.
You're happy to pay $50+ for a cab home from town.
You have caught the Lilydale/Belgrave line and were either bashed, followed, sworn at or creeped out by some wierdo sitting way too close.
You don't slow down at Eastlink Roadworks unless there's a guy holding a 'SLOW' sign.
You have fought off chucking your guts on the Nightrider home.
You've enjoyed a movie in that kickass colosseum-style room at the Rivoli in Cambo.
You played netball or softball at Jells Park and remember when there were only outdoor courts.
You went to watch movies at Pinewood because all movies cost $3 but don't admit it.
You've chucked a hissy fit at some poor kid who works at Nunawading Maccas cos their soft serve machine is broken.. again.
You've laughed at one of the following:
* Hung Phat Auto Repairs on the Pakenham/ Cranbourne line.
* Phuc Dat Butcher in Springvale.
* Hung Long Video on Whitehorse Rd Box Hill.
* Poo Ping Palace in Dingley.
* Keith Fagg Tiles in Kilsyth.
* Sha Tin Chinese take away at Heathmont shops.
You've been to Donnie Pancake Parlour.. and think the radio ads for it at night with the stoners is retarded.
You know the 'real' names of Eastland (Beastland), Knox (Pox), Ozone (Hoe zone).
You are not surprised to find a Club X store right next to Baby co. in Baysy.
You don't find it confusing driving through Spaghetti junction (Princess hwy, Springvale rd, Police rd, Centre rd intersection).
You know that the 16 year olds around Ringwood/Dandy only had babies to get the baby bonus.

Thanks to JM and the Facebook group bitch please... i'm from the Sth East/East side..

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