Friday, October 19, 2007

Benny Cousin is a fool

Hard to read but you can click to make it a bit bigger.
Thanks to MS, MH, NW and Facebook groups for these pictures.


Phils Phun said...

Hey, Wanker
Ben Cousins has never been convicted of any drug taking
We won't mention Hawthorn players
Prersident of Carlton...Fraud
Brendon Fevola bringing the game into whatever you want to call it
But I get it, these idiots live in Melbourne where everyone is up their themselves and untouchable
Don't you just love beating the Vics at anything
Makes them spew

Onski said...

Hey Phil,
Just in reply to your post. Thanks for calling me a wanker, much appreciated you pedophile. :-) We can both make cruel comments cant we? Before you start throwing stones maybe look at your own blog, you actually mentioned 'He got his just desserts yesterday when the Eagles hierachy finaly sacked him after his latest discretion with the law.' This was on Philss Blog 69

I just posted pictures (listed as jokes) that came from a friend in Western Australia. So he is even getting laughed at from his own state. Surely you don't believe all the jokes you read or you would believe that all Arabs will kill you on the second date as your blog states.
Phils Blog 68

Additionally, I personally think that Carlton should cop something for Pratt's law breaking deals. Fevola is just a silly man, he has done nothing wrong against the law. Hawthorn players??? What have they done.

Finally I don't support a Melbourne based team (so get your facts right), I am a Brisbane fan, and yeah it was great to kick the Eagles Ass last year. It made YOU SPEW. Watch us do it again with a Judd-less Eagles. ha ha ha ha.

Oh and I never said Ben Cousins took Drugs, I called my blog character Benny Cousin. and If anyone in their right mind took my blog seriously they need their head looked at, but you already are a pedophile so your head is messed up as it is.

Phils Phun said...

oh! we are sensitive
Should not post this sort of stuff if you can't cop it
Brisbane won a couple of flags after crying to the AFL about how hard done by they were
Guess what!Sydney whinges, wouldn't you know it they win a preimership
Still like your blog never the less