Friday, July 06, 2007

Nano Projector Phone

"Everyone knows that cellphones from Japan and Korea are truly cutting edge, and that statement is further strengthened by the addition of a Nano Projector to a cellphone from SK Telecom of Korea. This new handset will be available to consumers later this year, capable of displaying a 20" image onto a screen or wall. Guess smartphones that contain these will now be able to project their PowerPoint presentations without the need for a notebook. You'll also be able to share your favorite impromptu videos with friends and family alike, as long as there is a dark enough room available. Don't hope for brightness levels that are found in today's home cinema projectors yet - there is still a long road to go."

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Thanks to PP for passing on this crazy advancement in technology. It is pretty cool though once you start thinking about tv and movies on your phone. But then again you are going to get the idiots trying to project things in various places like a cinema, university lecture rooms, etc.

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