Tuesday, July 03, 2007

DHS Safe Sex Campaign

Here is the latest attempt to promote safe sex from the Department of Human Services (Victoria). I have a couple of points of interest. See below:
1. How much did these guys get paid to be labelled as Syphilis and Chlamydia?
2. Look at Syphilis (Photo 1) and Chlamydia (Photo 3). That's the same guy. Ladies: NEVER SLEEP WITH HIM!!
3. Chlamydia in (Photo 2) is parading as Sarah in (Photo 3). Boys: She is a liar, don't be fooled by her, she is dirty!!
4. I am also concerned that Bec (Photo 1) is pretending to be Linda (Photo 2). Now if she is lying about her name maybe she has something too.
5. Sarah (Photo 2) and Linda (Photo 3) is also playing the boys for fools, we know you're the same person girly. What else are you lying about? Maybe you're a man!!
6. It seems the only trustworthy people are Laura (Photo 1) and Nicolas (Photo 1), but unfortunately Nicholas is gay, come on look at that shirt. Sorry Laura at least you know you wont be catching anything cause you wont be sleeping with anyone.
In conclusion, as Van Wilder says, 'Dont be a fool, wrap your tool!!'


Brains Matter said...

This is a huge concern - good thing that Mr Onski is on the case!

Sejo Magno said...