Friday, July 13, 2007

Dennis Cometti-ism's

DENNIS Cometti's "Cometti-isms" have became such a part of footy that a couple of years ago, publishing company Allen and Unwin published a book on them. Called Centimetre Perfect, it was such a good seller that it's about to launch another, That's Ambitious. If you're a fan of the Channel Seven caller — and who isn't — we reckon you'll enjoy this sample:

"The goals beckoned and when (Brett) Burton realised he had so much time, his eyes lit up like Paris Hilton spotting a water bed."

"And Cam, if you're watching today, never once have I suggested Mooney is the root of all evil."

"The best way to describe Steven Baker is that he is like cigarette smoke on your jacket."

"I wonder what the team psychologist will make of that. (Shane) Tuck dropped that mark and immediately shouted out his own surname."

"In for the Cats today, David and Steve Johnson. Who better to patch up a line-up than Johnson & Johnson?"

"There is something magnetic about his aura. Paul Roos should be covered in fridge magnets."

"You've got to say the Lions are still a chance, given that this season, Port has blown more leads than Inspector Clouseau."

"(Nathan) Bassett's my man. He never takes a breather. If he was a postman I reckon he'd finish his round in 20 minutes, stopping only to bite a few dogs."

"Several Crows players have rushed to Jared Crouch and the message seems very clear: 'Hey, you get off McLeod.' "

"Brent (Guerra) hates losing and that extends to his hair."

"Ed (who else) had an aura. I remember he asked his personal assistant, 'Have you seen the letter opener?' and she replied, 'It's his day off'. I was impressed."

"Getting past Glenn Archer is still like trying to tiptoe past Mayfair and Park Lane with hotels."

"How about Matt Campbell. He was so good in a confined space. That's a Ralph Fiennes quality."

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