Thursday, July 26, 2007

Canavan Vs Shannon Elizabeth

Actress turned poker player Shannon Elizabeth (the hot chick Nadia from American Pie, and 'Poo-Poo Kitty F***' from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) was running a little late for the tournament. Coming through the door into the Las Vegas Room, she was stopped by a security officer and asked to produce some photo ID. She smiled politely and obliged.

The scene was reminiscent of when Phil Ivey was asked for ID during the Aussie Millions (he was standing next to a 6 foot advertisement of himself at the time!). Obviously, the security department are not Poker fans!

Now more importantly that that we turn to the handsome young man next to her. Known as Chip Canavan. Reports are he was batting away her advances all day. She could not get enough of the young man, but he resisted all her attempts.

Nice work Canna!!!

Thanks to and MH for the news.

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