Friday, June 01, 2007

Google Maps - Street Level Awesome Pictures.

First Google had the street map
Then they had the satellite map
Then they have the Hybrid map (mixture of the street map and satellite
Then they had the traffic reports

Now comes the street level maps.

Which is a ground view of streets and it gives you 360 degree views of a street. You can check out
Times Square in New York, The Strip in Vegas or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran. Or even Eureka Drive in Florida, that's right Eureka Drive!!! (Eureka Drive isn't that special but I wanted to point out that every street can be viewed

How did they do it? Well a car drove around with some fancy cameras and went street by street around certain cities in the US. There are many sites around now with cool images that have been captured here are just a few of them>

(Click a picture to make the picture bigger or click the link to open Google Maps on that map page)

Pumpkin Man
Fishbones - Pink Vapor Stew
Google Speeding
Stop Thief
Sunbathing girls - Google Voyeurism
ET Phone Home
Times Square
The Strip
Golden Gate Bridge
Eureka Drive

Thanks to RT & GT & Onski for these.

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