Monday, May 07, 2007

"Women can't invent anything," Says Google

I was pointed in the direction of Google recently. A search of "She Invented" was entered and google's response was 'Did you mean "He Invented"'

Google "She invented" Result Did you mean "He invented"

Does this mean men are smarter?
Have men invented everything?
Have women invented absolutely nothing?
Are men the superior?
Would women die in a land with no men?

As I think it is proven that men would have invented sex and without this major discovery there would be no continuation of life. Some would say that there are other ways to get a woman pregnant but a man invented that as well, I am led to believe.

These are just questions I am asking, I am not meaning anything from them. I love women and believe they are wonderful and intelligent. :P I just feel sorry for them for never inventing anything in this world.

Thanks to PP for the find.

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