Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tom Cruise = Jesus Christ???

Highly ranked Scientologist David Miscavige is convinced that Tom Cruise will be worshipped like Jesus all over the world as he becomes a prophet for Scientology.
Hmmmmm. What is going on?
Now I don't claim any religion to be my own but please correct me if I am wrong but allow me to make this statement.
In the world of Scientology they do not believe in the 'stories' of Christianity. So this being the case they would not have a belief in Jesus Christ. So why would they compare Tom Cruise to the 'stories' of Jesus Christ.
Your thoughts???

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For UK citizens, two petitions are online:

1) We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Refuse any application submitted by the ‘Church’ of Scientology for recognition as a Religious Organisation.

2) We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to place a ban on recruitment centres for Scientology or any of its puppet organisations operating in this country.