Monday, May 21, 2007

Million Paws Walk - Ralph the Groodle

Sunday 20th May was the day that RSPCA put on the Million Paws Walk event at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne. A couple of friends (AW & CF) of mine took their dog Ralph (the MAIN MAN of this blog) along to have a look.

The walk is a fundraiser for the RSPCA and by the name of it I think they were aiming at 250,000 dogs to attend and by the turnout I saw I think they would have achieved it.

The weather was great and the dogs were very well behaved, in fact I didn't see any dog scuffles. Ralph I am told was great and interacted with the other dogs very well. Which surprised his owners as they know he can go a bit crazy when around other dogs. He seems to get a tad too excited and jumps uncontrollably.

Ralph and my friends had a great day and will be back again next year, thanks to RSPCA for putting on the event, and everyone for turning up.


Anonymous said...

growl gruff gruff

Hyde DP said...

Saw your dogs via the link on Michael Blaney's blog.

Just to let you know I've linked to your dogs from a post on Hyde DP today.

Anonymous said...

Hi have You heard about the Live in Canberra Campaign?(

Anonymous said...

mrmykes@gmail(or better known as BUFF!) are you on Facebook? or on Fatbook?