Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google Searches for ME

Hey Fans,
Just want to thank all the people coming to my site but the way some are getting to it is pretty funny. Below are some of the real life searches people have used and ended up at ONSKI'S WORLD!! Please note this isnt all child friendly.
  • Real World Las Vegas Alton Hung Like Horse (Real World Fans #1)
  • Nude Man (By a fan in Saudi Arabia, have you been killed for searching that?)
  • Head Up Woman's Twat (Naughty Naughty!!)
  • Pictures of Seahorses Skeleton (I am the king of animal science)
  • Transvestite Outdoor Sex Wales (I have no comment)
  • Gary Lyon on Stretcher Vision (You gotta Love it!!)
  • Will Calhoun Drumsticks (Living Colour Dummer is the KING!)
  • Football Staden Denmark Photo (I dont know how this got to my site)
  • Luke Real World Cheated Kristie Miwaukee (Real World Fans #2)
  • Stretcherfever (Gary Lyon is bringing the people!)
  • Advertising Beach Photo Rude (I would search for that)
  • Margaretting River, Australia (Yep they said Margaretting)
  • When "Goes Bananas" (They found Hughesy!!!)
  • Horserace Jokes (Worth a search yourself!)
  • Onski.Blogspot.Com (Yep someone searched for my site exactly)

and finally but not least

  • Worlds Enormous Nipples (For Breast Feeding of course!!)

Keep searching people, I cover topics that even surprise me!!

Also a big thanks to the Finnish website that had a link to the Pac Man Skeleton picture. I had a tonnes of Finnish hits (Over 300 to be exact). Keep coming fans!!

I am on 49 countries and 266 cities, towns, suburbs etc. I want the world!!!

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