Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Giant Schnitzels - Germany

When feeling very hungry, you should pay restaurant Waldgeist in Hofheim a visit.

They will serve you the biggest Schnitzel. The plates in the following pictures are the size of a pizza-plate! This all for very affordable price.

Every table has rolls of foil, ready to be used. Those that have to use the foil are considered cowards.

Drinks are, unless otherwise ordered, served in 2-liter glasses and their bestseller is “Der Bembel des Todes” a 5-liter glass filled with Bacardi-Cola for only 35 Euro.
But if you dont like schnitzel fear not, maybe the sausage is more your liking?
Thanks to DT for this Giant Food post.

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Anonymous said...

Hey forget the food, i'll just have a 5 litre Bacardi & Cola thanks! - NW