Tuesday, May 29, 2007

drtydealschpthrils: My Dads My Lover

A young man who shall be known as lets say John (aka: drtydealschpthrils) has asked me to put on a comment about himself on this page. Unfortunately due to his inability to write or even put two coherent words together it is impossible to translate his feelings into English.

But he did send a picture of himself and his dad/brother/lover. He wanted to have it posted onto this site to meet some fillies (I dont mean this in a human kind either). He has given up on other species after being rejected too many times by some he met on www.adultsheepfinder.com.
Notice that John couldn't make it to the loo and dropped a small number 2 on the step below hit fat arse.

So here is it:
PS John is the one with teeth (albeit only 4).
PPS John, your Super Coach days are numbered. Prepare for the sledging to begin pretty boy.

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