Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Connex is Useless

My comments as posted on www.theage.com.au

Photo: Simon O'Dwyer (as posted on The Age website)

The trains are in shambles, so much so that I get angry when the trains are on time. I base my day around the trains being delayed. I leave work at 5:00 knowing full well I will have no problem catching the 5:01.

Is this right? Hell no!

I stand on the platform at 830am about to board a train to go to the city. I see up to four trains going the other direction, all empty. While the few going city bound are full to the brim. I know you need to circulate the trains but come on, that is a waste.

The cynical me would say they just send a whole heap of empty trains outbound to ensure they increase the percentage of trains arriving on time. Shame on me for thinking they would ever consider such a thing.

Hey hey, whats that smell? Oh it is the body odur of that person next to me. Surely in an air conditioned train you shouldnt be sweating. But hang on the air conditioner isnt blowing. Turn it on, we are dying back here folks.

When is the train arriving? Maybe if Preston, the premier station, had a electronic board we could see when the train is arriving. But no it is just a premier station in name only. Where Rosanna Station has a board and that is just a basic station.

Now dont get me started on the fact that the maps still have Zone 3 on them. The poor tourists wouldnt know what to do. Connex would have known well before the removal of Zone 3 that it would happen, but no they are too slow to print new stickers by the date or even months after. I wish shops were that slow in replacing signs. Might still be able to get petrol at 67 cents per litre.

And why oh why cant we have a train that constantly does a loop of the loop? How hard is it to get to Southern Cross or Flinders from Parliament in the afternoon? Dont tell me to get the tram!
It is a train system Connex, it is not rocket science. A train goes on a track from A to B. Thousands of kids around the world have train sets that dont crash or get delays. Hey they even stay on the track, imagine that!

Get it right Connex, your job is simple.

Mr Onski

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