Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Durant going to the NBA

Unless a comet hits the earth in the next few weeks, Kevin Durant will be an NBA player next year. He announced today that he is nominating for the NBA draft after just 1 year at the Texas Longhorns.
New NBA age limit rules that prevented him from entering the Draft last year, but that just heightened anticipation as he rocked the College Hoops scene and was awarded the John Wooden Award trophy and the Associated Press Player of the Year.

He will leave the College League with stats of 25.8 Points and 11.1 Rebounds per game. With some huge games under his belt including a 37 point, 23 rebound game against Texas A&M in early Feb 07.

Now their are two questions.
  1. Will he or Greg Oden (7 Foot monster from Ohio State) be the Number 1 draft pick? Greg Oden was touted before the season as the player to watch. His season wasnt as good as expected statistically but he led his team to the NCAA Final where they eventually went down to the Florida Gators. Wherever Greg goes he will be a centrepeice for years to come for any NBA team, that is why I pick him as the number 1 pick. Saying that though, picking Durant would not hurt any team.
  2. Who will pick Durant up in the Draft? Front runners based on standings are Vancouver, Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta. Lets hope he doesnt end up in Canada as that would be a marketing waste. Milwaukee cant get the most out of Bogut, but I dont think they can get the most out of Durant or Oden, they are just not coached well enough. Atlanta are just useless. So my choice is Boston. Ok they are a very average team but it could bring the Pride of the Celtics back to Boston. Boston is the only town that can handle such a great player, both on the court and off the court.

Although I have chosen him for Boston this is the best of a bad bunch. I would love him next to a superstar, Duncan, Kobe, Wade, LeBron to name a few but that isnt going to happen. So lets just wait and see what happens.

Stay tuned Sports Fans


Coach Onski

PS God I would love Durant and Oden on the court next to Duncan, Ginobili and Parker at the Spurs. Phew that would be sweet.


PPPS Louisville Cardinals (NCAA Champions 2007-2008)

Pictures thanks to Sports Illustrated

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