Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dave Hughes Goes Banana's Review - 24/04/2007

Tonight Onski and CF hit Melbourne, the Atheneum Theatre to be exact, to see Dave Hughes Going Banana's as part of the Melbourne Internaional Comedy Festival.

The show started at 7pm and ran for about an hour. Hughesy dove onto the stage with an unlimited amount of enthusiasm and excitement. Who am I kidding, its Hughesy, he doesnt do enthusiasm and excitement. He was his laid back, casual self in a pair of jeans, a simple green t-shirt and some trainers.

Initially he went through some great jokes at the late comers and the people in the front rows. Then hit some of hs material which has the entire crowd laughing out loud.

He was funny, but I felt a tad dissapointed as alot of his stuff I had heard before, from Rove, Nova Radio or elsewhere. But I guess he does work everyday so he cant keep the material secure just for the stand up show. And is still funny anyway ven for the second time.

Great Job Hughesy.

PS I saw your left boobie, you tart. :P

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