Thursday, March 22, 2007

How to fake being awake with a haircut

Back in Uni days my mate who shall be known only as DM, had some 'fun' hairstyles. One of these was a shaved head except for the front which was quite long. DM used to hold onto this front part to keep his head up and to make it appear he was awake in University Lectures.

Thanks to Suplicy Coffee he no longer needs to try so hard. Check out these cool adverts of how to look like your awake when your really asleep. Oh and by the way dont you guys think the middle one looks a bit like DM if he was to have this style (for those that know him)
Thanks to RT for his initial introduction to on of these adverts and to for the additional pictures. Also check that blog site for other pretty funny advertising from around the world. Some great ones there. I may put some of them on my site when I get the chance.

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