Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Benny Cousin - Rumor or Truth

Story I got sent from a person living in Western Australia (so it must be true right???). For you out of towners here is the low down. Benny Cousin is a champion Australian Footballer, who is suspected of being on drugs, namely Cocaine and Ice. This is all rumor so nothing I say is 100% fact and wont hold up in court. But here goes.

A dude who was with Sammy NEWMON and I got the lowdown over Benny COUSIN. Sammy said that last week Benny COUSIN ex girlfriend went to West Coast player Andy EMBLIY's joint trying to find where COUSIN was living. EMBLEY who is one of COUSIN best mate claimed he didn't know. EMBLIY's girlfriend was there and told COUSIN girlfriend that EMBLIY knew and was lying. EMBLIY wimped it and said that COUSINS was living with Dan CHICKEN. EMBLIY agreed to drive both girls to CHICKEN's address. When they get there they find CHICKEN and COUSIN in the raw with about 6 other girls and a table full of cocaine. CHICKEN cracked it with EMBLIY for bringing the girls around when he was supposed to keep the address a secret so he starts punching into EMBLIY. EMBLIY's missus starts punching into CHICKEN. COUSIN girlfriend grabs the cocaine and throws about $20,000.00 worth out the window. She then starts punching into the tarts walking around with nothing on. COUSIN is lying on the floor stoned off his head. COUSIN girlfriend rings the club and the rest is history. Sammy said that The Football Show has offered $50,000.00 to B COUSIN who is an ex Cats player and teamate of Sammy to appear with his son on the show tonight. It will be interesting if they take up the offer. It seems Daniel CHICKEN is on the gear also.

P.S. This cocaine stuff must be good seeing that it won West Coke a premiership. Perhaps SHEEDY should explore it.
Explaination for your out of towners:
  • Sammy NEWMON is a former footballer and now a tv personality
  • Andy EMBLIY is a football player for the West Coke Eagles.
  • Dan CHICKEN is a football player for the West Coke Eagles, not he also only has 9 fingers.
  • SHEEDY is the coach of the Boombers and his team is useless.

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Thanks to MS for this big story.

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