Monday, December 11, 2006

Lincoln 201 - Ohio State-Marion 78

Just to keep you up to date with news from around the world on the 2nd December 2006 Lincoln University had a mammoth win over Ohio State-Marion in a Division III basketball contest in the US. Lincoln scored 201 points to Marion's 78 which became a Division III record for points and a NCAA (US College) margin record.

They also scored a record amount of points in a half with 97 points in the first half, but then beat that record with 104 in the second half.

Also a big feat was Sami Wylie the 5-11 guard who scored 69 points and that included a record 21 three pointers. He did this in only 24 minutes on the court.

Finally they broke the scoreboard as the final score read 01-78 as the scoreboard wasnt designed to go any higher than 199.

Well done Lincoln!! For more details click on the below link:

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