Monday, September 25, 2006

Richard 'Hamster' Hammond Injured

Hey there fans,

Got another bad news story coming out of the UK with the little dude from the BBC show Top Gear, Richard Hammond, being involved in a massive car crash last week. Luckily he survived the crash and is on the mend.

The crash was in a jet powered car, named Vampire, travelling at approximately 300 Miles Per Hour, the parachutes deployed but ripped causing the car to go off the track, flip several times and end up quarter of a mile down the track.

He was attempting to break the UK land speed record for the Top Gear show when it happened.

He flow flown by air ambulance to a Leeds hospital.

Yesterday it was reported that he woke and spoke to co-host Jeremy Clarkson immediately asking, 'Was I driving like a twat?' Then he got out of bed and went to the loo. Another report stated that Clarkson jokingly replied, 'You always were a sh!t driver'. It is good to hear the humor is still strong, laughter is the best medicine.

Since then Hammond has been joking with his wife about the amount of flowers he has recieved, so they have asked for donations to be made to the air ambulance instead. To date they have raised nearly £150,000.

To donate yourself you can visit:

To finish off I would like to say get well soon Hamster and see you in Top Gear, 'The best Car Show on TV' soon.

Please note: Richard Hammond was also the host of the science show Brainiac. Also a major sponsor of the jet car was NSK, just though DM would be interested. Also it is rumored that is was the record for the fastest car crash a human has survived, I think Hammond will be chuffed with that.

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