Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mad Dog's Clerks 2 Review.

A unique review of the must be seen Film of the Year, Clerks 2. As written by the man known as MAD DOG!!

The life of a pimp isn't at all like their portrayal in videogames and television. Sure, you have to smack the occasional bitch around and can optionally wear funny hats, but most your time is spent dealing with abusive Johns who damage your merchandise, as well as the inevitable STDs putting your girls out of business.

That's why every self-respecting pimp needs an Old Faithful. Her name might be Bessy or Nelly, or something equally bovine/equestrian sounding. And that's fitting, because she's a real work horse; she isn't the best looking or youngest in his stable, but she's been turning tricks since before most of the other girls were twinkles in their father's eye. She puts in a solid performance, but nothing toe-curling, but she's always on time and she always gets the job done. Every self-respecting pimp needs an Old Faithful, and for Kevin Smith, that work horse is Clerks.

This was easily my favorite Smith outing to date. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing and there were times when my cheeks ached from the silly grin I couldn't remove from my face.

Go see it. Twice!

Onski's review of the hit film is coming soon, hopefully.....

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