Thursday, September 07, 2006

Eskimo Joe Concert Review

The Forum - Melbourne
Saturday 26th August 2006.

I had never really been a huge fan of Eskimo Joe, after hearing a few tracks on the radio I thought they pretty good but wouldn't have gone out of my way to buy tickets. But Marooch wanted to go and I was around when he was getting some tickets so I went for the experience. Plus they were voted the Australia's best live act in 2005 so what did I have to lose.

As we walked into the Forum it didn't seem the venue for a rock concert. The Forum is a grand old theatre, with large booths, leather chairs, roman statues and detailed architecture.

Marooch and I found a nice place to stand behind the front booths, where we had a slightly elevated view and something to lean on as your legs do seem to get a tad tired at concerts, or am I just getting too old for this. :-)

The support band (Josh Pyke and band) jumped on stage, I knew from the start they weren't going to tickle my fancy, shake my rump or even nudge my world (in comparison to rocking my world). Acoustic Guitars are always a sure sign of a boring concert. My thoughts are acoustic songs are good for one or two songs but the whole set sends people to sleep and Josh Pyke did just that. Sorry Josh.

One thing that did get me interested in the Josh Pyke set was the 'Fill in Man'. There was a guy to Josh's right who played all the crappy instruments. He was like a roadie who wanted to be on stage. He played the tambourine although his wrist action was a bit suspect, then he jumped on the xylophone and thats when the comedy act started. The xylophone was about 1 foot off the ground and he was playing 3 notes with the passion seen from your hardcore metal guitarist. Rock on buddy.

Finally about Josh Pyke he is making is way to the UK in September so you fans in the mother country (ie LDan & SGee) who want to check him out go to his site (which is an Eskimo Joe rip-off I might add, seriously compare the two sites) and see the tour dates.

Eskimo Joe started about 30 minutes after and the set was alive in red lights and pictures from their Black Fingernails Red Wine album cover. The forum really did look a treat with the arch over the stage.

Now this is the stage in the review I tell you all the songs they played but to be honest all I know is that they played their hits and they certainly hit out with them with vigour and force that made any xlyophone player look like a tool. I was really enjoying the concert and seemed to know more of the songs than I expected.

They were a great hard rocking band with some decent skills on their tool of choice (no conparison to Living Colour though). About 3 songs into the set I jumped over the little wall I was leaning on and into the booth where I sat atop the leather couch for what was the best seat in the house. The lighting was good for the venue and the size of the gig, the sounds was quite good too, although started a bit iffy. They had me enjoying the night and the music the whole way through and by the end I was glad I went.

Thanks very much Marooch.

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