Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Shrek and Fiona


When: 5th August 2006
Where: Rosstown Hotel, Carnegie - The Main Bar
Why: DaveM's 30th Birthday

So why am I writing about the above event? It is simple really, Shrek and Fiona.

You know who they are, the big lovable green ogre and his wife the Princess. But whats the relevance to DaveM's birthday? Well DaveM had a costume party and Shrek and Fiona were there. To be honest Shrek was really DanM and Princess Fiona was JoM. How good do they look? I am also impressed with the effort of some of the other costumes too. AndyM was 'The Mask', DaveM was 'The Phantom', Fred Flinstone was there, Wonder Woman & Cat Woman too, the list goes on, great effort on everyones part.

Below are some pictures of the night:

DanM & JoM as Shrek and Princess Fiona
DanM, DaveM, BecM & MrBecM (sorry dude forgot your name)

The lovable big ogre Shrek.
Miss AndyM, AndyM, JoM, DanM, BecM & MrBecM


Daniel Muir said...

Awesome mate. Thanks for putting that up. I will have to email DaveM and let him know.

Anonymous said...

Who was Adam?

Joanne Muir said...

Thanks Adam - we are available for childrens parties on request too! Na - just joking but it was a great night!

Onski said...

Onski is a roving reporter, talking about issues and events that shape the nation. He has a close affiliation with a young man called Adam but not all events are attended by Adam or Onski. Including this one.

Thanks for visiting and stay in touch

PS Onski knows who wrote this, no need to be shy!!
PPS Adam has thought about his costume and told me he would go as the Hulk as he just needs the mask and a tight skivvy, he already has the body.

Patricia Liu said...

Jo and Dan,

What an awesome effort! Great worka nd good to see you guys getting into the spirit...looks liek pretty much everyone at that party got into the spirit!

Speak soon.



Jo - still waiting for the charity event photos to come through. Promise to send them as soon as it's in my hands!