Monday, July 24, 2006

The Mad Rush to the Airport....

5:55am Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.......yaaaawwwwwnnnnn...........stretch.........hmmmm what time is it??

Hang on the clock says 5:56am, the alarm was set for 4:30am, why am I still in bed? Why didnt I hear the alarm? I even set it to do that annoying NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH. No chance I slept through 1 hour of that, but I must have. I have an 8am flight to catch!!! Oh shit.

I had been staying in Dandenong looking after Ralph while Theresa was away in Thailand, but now it was my turn to head on a plane, up to Sunny Brisbane for the weekend. I had gone to bed late the night before and wanted to do the final tidy up before I left but there wasnt really time for that. I HADNT EVEN PACKED!!

I grabbed a whole heap of clothes and chucked them in a bag. Locks, locks those damn drug couriers arent putting stuff in my bags I had to find some locks. Scrounging around I found a couple of locks and keys and rammed them through the zipper. Everything was secure.

Now to get myself ready, I jumped in the shower, still half asleep. Ahhhh the warm water was like a dream, so much like a dream I was falling asleep. I lay my head on the shower wall and let the warm water run down my body. I was in heaven, everything was going to be all right. ALL RIGHT???? WHO ARE YOU KIDDING???? Your asleep in the shower and your plane is leaving in 1 hour and 25 minutes, move it, move it, move it.....

Getting dressed was easy, I picked up the essentials, wallet, keys, eticket and my camera so I could take some happy snaps for this blog. I fed Ralph, gave him a pat, threw the ball for him a couple of times (he looked so cute I had to find the time for him) Then I was off to the airport with 1 hour to get there, would I make it? They say to arrive 30 minutes before the flight, I had to hurry from Dandenong. Lucky for me it was early on a Saturday Morning and the roads were clear.

I hit the gas and may have exceeded the speed limit by one or two kms along the way. But ensured the speedo was under the limit in the Domain Tunnel. There are cameras galore in there you know.

MOVE!!! I was getting frustrated at the early morning trucks slowley working the freeway, cant you see I am going to be late???? Travelling north on the Tulla I nearly missed the airport turnoff but cut arcoss and made it. 20 minutes till the plane leaves, where should I park.

Short Term = Expensive but short trip to terminal.
Long Term = Cheap but a long walk to the terminal.
Undercover Long Term = Medium expense and medium walk to the terminal, I'll choose you.

I made my way and parked the car in the first spot I saw. I clublocked the car, locked the doors, grabbed my bag and slowly jogged to the lift. Come on lift.......damn......down the steps I go. My bag was heavy as I overpacked in my mad rush, but I had to move fast.

I made it to the check in and did the whole eticket check in. Oh no the ticket wont scan, why wont you scan Mr Ticket??? Please scan. I even gave him a kiss, but no he didnt want to scan. Then I used my brain and moved the ticket back from the scanner 5cm's and yep it scanned. Yes yes yes on the keypad to the long winded security check questionss, then jumping the rail I went to check the bag in.

Being 5th in the queue I didnt think it would take long, but noooooooooo, the girls behind the counter wanted to chat to each other. I was dancing in the queue, trying to look like I was in a hurry. It didnt help but eventually I was called up. Stamp, check I was checked in and on my way to thedeparture lounge with about 7 minutes before the plane left.

People were boarding as I arrived, but I had made it. Phew.....Now for the trip to Brisbane....... Stay Tuned.

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