Monday, May 22, 2006

Living Colour - Melbourne Wednesday 17/05/2006

I was unable to attend the Wednesday night Living Colour concert but I did manage to score the set list from Sonay who I met at the Tuesday Concert. He along with Claudia, who are part of the band Lucys Crown, grabbed Vernon Reid's set list and passed on the details to me so I can share with you.

  • Didgeridoo Solo Intro (Mr Russell Smith)
  • Desperate People
  • Elvis Is Dead
  • Type
  • Memories Can't Wait
  • Funny Vibe
  • In Your Name
  • Sacred Ground
  • Bi
  • Glamour Boys
  • Go Away
  • Flying
  • Laptop from Vernon/Drum Solo with Will
  • Love Rears It's Ugly Head
  • Times Up
  • Cult Of Personality
  • Middle Man
  • Solace Of You feat. Didgeridoo Solo

I am a bit dissapointed I missed out on Solace Of You and Desperate People in the concerts I went to but I wouldn't want to swap what I saw for anything.

Thanks Corey, Doug, Vernon, Will and all the support crew for putting on an awesome show, you made me an extremely happy man and forfilled one of my life goals.

Details courtesy of Sonay Ismail

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