Monday, November 14, 2005

NBA Players! Who do you love?

NBA Players! Who do you love?
As at 14th November 2005

Who do I hate and who do I love, well the NBA is full of great players some are great player that I think are good fella's, some are just plain b&stards. Below is a list of the ones I all-round like, respect their game, or just plain hate.

Lets start with the man, Manu 'Obi-Won' Ginobili, is there nothing this man cant do. I love his game, his electric nature and ability to jump that little more while in the air. I would pick him in my team, maybe off the bench to ignite any offense.

Malik Rose, oh I was sad to see him leave the Spurs. He is a fun loving all round top fella.(or so it seems). I know him being traded was a good move for the team but I miss his hustle.

Karl Malone. What an ahole. Seriously the guy is a twit, sure he can play, but he played for Utah and I hate Utah. When he went to the Lakers he was a has-been and really should have never come back from being a wrestler.

Speaking of Utah Tools, Lets bring in John Stockton. May I vote him as the number 1 player to drop the soap ever in the NBA. I hate him, he was a huge sook and really dirty if you look closely. Man and get some sun!!!

Shall I go on with Utah, Where is Jeff Hornacek, does he remind you of the guy from the film 'The 40 year old virgin'? Seriously I like him more than Stockton, but he is an ugly bugger.

Allan Houston. Well this guys is never going to get a fair run playing for the Knicks. Their fans hate everyone but I think he has great game. Seems like a great guy too.

Shaq. Yeah he had to be mentioned. I hate him cause he bags the Spurs and is too strong. But really he is one of the greats, I respect his game, but not really him to much, not that I would tell the big man that. You can be too arrogant Mr O'Neal.

Speaking of Arrogance and being too arrogant, Welcome to Kobe Bryant. What a selfish tool he is!! Great player, don't get me wrong, but he has single handedly destroyed the Lakers. Learn to play the team game buddy, actually you have no team cause you scared off the only players you had, oh and your only good coach too!! Lucky he is back now but too late my friend.

Time for another star, Tony Parker, the little French dude can run like like the wind. He has started this season scoring well and looks like he may make all star in my eyes. Plus he managed to score the hot Latin chick from Desperate Housewives. Nice work Tone.

Latrell Spreewell, what a great player he is, sure he has had some indiscretion, like trying to kill his coach at the GSWarriors but hey, he probably deserved it.

Dennis 'The Worm' Rodman. One of my, if not my favorite player of all time. He had the spark to light up the court, he was treated like rubbish from many of his teams, disrespected and for one of the best defenders every to grace the floor not given any recognition. He did a lot for basketball and was not compensated for it. I have read 'Bad and I wanna be' and it was a great read, I respect him and think in a world of f'd people there should be more like him, who say it like it is and I think is a nice guy too. One of the down to earth guys you can have a drink with and he wont f you off like a cocky ahole. Just my opinion.

Tracy McGrady, what a player. What did he get against the Spurs, something like 13 points in 25 seconds to win the match. Maybe even better. He is a gun, I hated him that match, but you gotta respect that. He is in my current starting five.

Tim Duncan, his game aint special, but he just goes out there and gets the job done. He is a Spur so I love him. He is also very humble, something that is rare in the NBA.

Ray Allen, the boy can shoot, I love him in NBA live too, he can bomb like no other.

Reggie Miller, never really liked him but he had a sweet shot. He reminded me of people in my past I didn't like so that always gave him a a black star next to his name.

George Lynch, I loved watching him play at North Carolina and was proud when he got drafted as he wasn't a great player but a solid player. Thanks to Don Lane for introducing me to such a top player on your ABC TV College Basketball show. Too bad they don't show it any more.

Nick Van Exel. Man this guy is a bit of a tool but he was great at Cincinnati (see George lynch) and Glad he is a Spur finally.

Andrew Bogut, he grew up 1 suburb away from me, never knew him but he seems like a good fella, hope he can do well for Aussie Basketball. Maybe put the NBA on free TV!!

Anyway I have to be off I will add comments with more names, feel free to comment on my selection

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Jamie said...

And what about the following great players for UTAH,
- Greg Ostertag (recently retired April 17, 2006).
- Mark Eaton

You probably hate them because they played for UTAH. :-)

Cheers, Roger.